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REGNIER products around the world

REGNIER factories are ideally located , next to the major motorways and the largest French ports and airports. This geographical location facilitates the transports, either national or international.

Therefore REGNIER's products are present all around the world and in every industrial branch.

Antarctic, Brazil, Belgium, Caribbean, China (Three Gorge Dam), Eastern Europe, Egypt, England, Kourou (Guyana), India, Luxembourg, Oceans, Qatar, Reunion Island, Russia, Spain, Tahiti, United States...

REGNIER Worldwide

 To answer our customer's needs and to develop the export department, the REGNIER company has invested in several domains:
  • Development of communication with foreign countries (Transports, multi-lingual Sales Engineers...)
  • Development of the french sites
  • Setting-up of agencies and workshops abroad to get nearer to our customers (Multitec-REGNIER Gabon - Guinea Gulf)

Our will is to get nearer to our customers abroad in order to offer the best of REGNIER's range of products and services.

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