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Pipelay vessels

The pipelay activity use a lot of equipments like cranes, winches, pipelay superstructure... that use the hydraulic power of hydraulic cylinders.
  • Hydraulic cylinders for winches
  • Cylinders with manifold fitted with security system (counter-balance valve) and flow regulator, that actuate the frame.
  • Telescopic cylinders with stainless steel rods for pipelay superstructure

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Frame cylinder Hydraulic Manifold Test reception <b>Offshore application for big hydraulic cylinders</b> 3D CAD...

Offshore Exploration Vessel

The offshore exploration vessels use the hydraulic power to actuate their equipment. Like any other equipment for marine application, the design and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders needs a precise know-how. REGNIER masters the complete process.

  • Winch brake cylinder (double or single acting)
  • Crane cylinders (stainless steel rods, external protection with sandblasting, zinc plating, painting)

<b>Exploration vessel</b> <b>Winch brake cylinder</b>
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