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Steel Industry

Blast furnaces

With our long experience as supplier of steel industry, we are often asked by our customers to work on strategical equipment. These equipment require the most reliable technologies because of the extreme environment and the financial consequences of a breakdown. The tap hole plugging system is one of these strategical equipment. Regularly, REGNIER manufactures or repairs hydraulic cylinders and piston accumulators for these applications. 

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mud gun cylinder for blast furnace <b>mud gun cylinder for blast furnace</b>

Steel Mill

Thanks to our know-how and great production capacities, we supply the large cylinders used in steel mills.
  • Electric Arc Furnace roof lifting
  • EAF tilting cylinder
  • EAF electrode lifting
  • EAF roof rotation

<b>EAF tilting cylinder</b> EAF roof rotation

Continuous Casting

In a continuous casting facility, the hydraulic power is present everywhere, operating in extreme conditions. We supply numerous different products for these applications, with particular designs adapted to the environment.
  • Turret lifting cylinder
  • Tundish lifting
  • Mould oscillation cylinder
  • Segment cylinders

<b>Turret lifting hydraulic cylinder</b>

Rolling Mills

We could almost say that manufacturing or maintenance of hydraulic cylinders for rolling mills is an everyday work for REGNIER... however there is no routine, because every project is particular. Indeed a rolling mill uses many kind of hydraulic cylinders, thanks to our long experience we have worked on every aera and we bring the benefits of this experience to our customers to design the most reliable solutions for their machines.

Press cylinder Hydro-pneumatic cylinder
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