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REGNIER has built its reputation for High Quality by giving priority to the satisfaction of the customers with QUALITY, RELIABILITY and REACTIVITY.

Integrated and efficient design office, fitted with modern softwares of CAD and Structure Analysis (Finite Element Analysis):

CAD: TopSolid (Missler), Autocad.

Structural Analysis (Finite Elements Method): TopCastor (Missler & CETIM)

The staff of engineers and technicians in the design office, use every day its skills and experience to serve the customer.

Each REGNIER product is based on the operating conditions and the environment requirements.
Our design office can advise and help you to create the best-adapted specifications. Our experience in hydraulics is an asset at your disposal.

Top Solid Top Castor In touch with the field


REGNIER's factories are fitted with all the production means to manufacture its products.
We carry-out every step of the production process in-house, therefore we master the high level of quality and the delivery time.

Production capacities:
  • Minimum: 40 mm bore
  • Maximum: 1300 mm bore

Autonomous production facilities:
  • Machining: conventional and CNC lathes, conventional and CNC milling machine, grinding machine...
  • Honing: Vertical honing machines up to 12 m stroke
  • Chromium plating: several vertical chromium plating baths
  • Zinc plating in-house
  • Sandblasting and painting in-house

Renew of the machines <b>A modern workshop</b> New CNC milling machine <b>A skilled team</b>
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