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REGNIER repair all types and brand of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. We go further by bringing improvement and retrofits according to the function of the cylinder, thanks to our multi-industrial experience and our know-how.

Since the establishment in 1976, REGNIER has become a specialist in the maintenance of cylinders, following a precise protocol:
  • Disassembly
  • Diagnostics: analysis of every part by an expert
  • Quotation of the work
  • Customer approval
  • Repair
  • Hydraulic tests
  • Product delivery

The quality of a maintenance depends on the accuracy of the analysis and the good execution of the works, REGNIER can rely on the skills and experience of its staff and the considerable production facilities. 

The diagnostic phase is essential, our experts perform a complete control of the equipment and analyze the factors that lead to the wear and damages, then they provide engineering solutions to fix the root causes of the damages.

Each diagnostic is processed by computer and archived (ISO9001)

On customer's demand we can provide a "Deterioration Analysis" report:
  • Dimensional analysis of each part of the equipment
  • Photo report
  • Deterioration analysis
  • Repair and improvement proposition


Our workshops carry-out in-house all the repair operations.

  • Machining facilities (Lathes, Milling machine, Grinding machine, Honing machine...)
  • Spare parts stock (more than 3000 sealing kits in stock...)
  • Skilled design office

Important: REGNIER has an express repair unit, that provides quality emergency repairs in a very short lead-time.

Cylinder for dam gate, under repair Roof lifting cylinder Roof lifting cylinder

Retrofit & Improvement

For REGNIER, a repair is not giving a simple respite to the cylinder, it is the opportunity to find-out the weak points of the design and bring improvements.
With REGNIER repairs, the lifetime is often extended.

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