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Stainless steel cylinders

All stainless steel cylinders

Special Characteristics
These hydraulic cylinders are entirely in stainless steel
We make them using different grades and treatments to improve their life expectancy, efficiency and to eliminate risks of seizing.
They can operates with running or demineralized water up to 150 bars.

Very corrosive environments (nitrous steam…)
Nuclear environment (resist to radiation)
Agro-food industry applications (cheese production lines)
Armaments (non-magnetic material)

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Hydraulic cylinders with chromium plated stainless steel rods

Special Characteristics
Rods are made of stainless steel (resilient stainless steel is also available).
Can stay in pressure and position during several months without damages.

Marine or river applications
Sluice gates
Submarine Works

Hydraulic cylinders in resilient steel or stainless steel

Special Characterisitics
Can operate at very low températures (down to -70°C). The sealings are designed and adapted to keep their efficiency.

Constant tensionning for cables (ropeways)
Research base in Antarctica
Agro-food applications (freezing room)

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