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A new product by REGNIER

A new product by REGNIER: the hydraulic cylinder for grapple

Manufacturer and repairer of hydraulic cylinders since 1976, we master the maintenanceof cylinders whatever the types and brands.
Thanks to our long experience and know-how, we have improved the original design of the grapple cylinder to increase its reliability and lifetime.
The mass production and stocking of this product enable a quick supply and competitive prices.

  • Dimensions: bore diameter 70 mm, rod diameter 50 mm, stroke 215 mm
  • Operating pressure: 180 bar
  • Standard sealing kit
  • Spherical bearing SKF

  • Chromium plated one-piece steel rod, for a better resistance to shocks
  • Reinforced ports to avoid leaks
  • Protection casing of the rod in steel, increase the resilience and therefore the resistance to shocks

This REGNIER product is fully adapted to actuate grapples, whatever their environment (Civil works, Wood handling, Steel scrap handling...)

<b>Grapple cylinder</b> Grapple cylinder Operating in different environments A REGNIER product adapted to extreme conditions of use
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